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Thailand National Parks and Wildlife Areas

A brief summary of parks and wildlife areas I have been to, and my impressions (with a link to Google Maps).





Doi Inthanon N.P.

Camping: Several flat, grassy areas for tents, with lights, running water, and toilets. Spectacular views. Birding: A varied and unusual selection of birds due to the extreme altitude.

1835'28.4"N 9829'25.0"E

Nong Harn Lake

Camping: No camping facilities, but there is a resort nearby. Birding: A large, shallow lake filled with lotus flowers offers good birding, especially for marsh birds. Boats with guides are available for hire.

1712'52.5"N 10302'07.0"E

Thung Salaeng Luang N.P.

Camping: An attractive, large, open camping area, partly wooded, partly grassy. Cabins are also available. Birding: Not an abundance of birds. Some wildlife however, including a herd of hog deer.

1634'38.4"N 10052'52.3"E

Kaeng Krachan N.P.

Camping: Many options for camping, although I have not camped here. Birding: Excellent, one of the best and most popular birding destinations in Thailand. Not as crowded as Khao Yai. Some good birds around the reservoir and the islands also. A large park containing a lot of wildlife.

1252'12.2"N 9923'53.2"E

Phu Rua N.P.

Camping: Several camping areas, the one I saw at Headquarters 2 was neglected and deserted. It was a small open grassy area strewn with weeds and garbage cans. No campfires were allowed. Birding: Poor, this is a wind-swept mountain top surrounded by thick forests.

1728'54.0"N 10121'05.9"E

Bung Boraphet Bird Sanctuary

I do not know about camping facilities, but there are rental cabins. Birding: Excellent birding around the islands and marshes. Boats with guides are available for hire.

1542'44.8"N 10010'49.5"E

Khao Yai N.P

Camping:Many camping options, campgrounds and cabins. Birding: The most popular birding site in Thailand, one of the best. Wildlife: Excellent wildlife viewing, especially on a guided nighttime tour.

1426'20.4"N 10122'20.3"E

Nam Nao N.P

Camping: There are two grassy, open campground areas. The largest one, on the left across the bridge, tends to be more crowded and noisy. The smaller one on the right across the bridge tends to be a little more peacefull. Birding: Excellent birding near and around the campgrounds, within walking distance. The pine forest below the group camping area is a good spot for woodpeckers.

1644'13.6"N 10134'33.2"E

Phu Hin Ronkla N.P

Camping: The campground is a large, heavily wooded area, part of which has hundreds of rental tents packed tightly together. No campfires are allowed. There are cabins for rent, some with air con. Birding: Very few birds around the campground and headquarters. However, about 1 km. east of the headquarters there is road south to a loop trail. Birding on this trail is excellent.

1700'14.4"N 10059'39.2"E

Phu Suan Sai (formerly Na Haeo) N.P

Camping: Very nice, several large grassy areas, hot showers, and rental bamboo huts. Fires not allowed, but BBQs are. Birding: OK, some birds but not a lot of diversity. There is a signed birding trail, and walks with a ranger/guide are available.

1730'14.1"N 10056'20.8"E

Phu Foi Lom N.P

Camping: There is a large, wooded camping area with cold showers. Campfires are allowed. Birding: OK, not a large abundance, but good diversity, usually something new.

1709'36.4"N 10241'29.0"E

Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary

Camping: There is a small, open campground. Bungaloes are available with prior authorization only. Birding: Excellent birding around the visitor center. Fantastic wildlife viewing! (The park is overrun with leeches in the wet season.)

1620'16.5"N 10132'49.7"E

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