Photos of Joe

All photos were taken in California unless otherwise noted. They are in chronological order. If you have photos of Joe I would love to include them here. Please email them to me at as a .jpg or .gif file.

Several of these photos include  Lee Menell, a friend who joined us on our occasional adventures in the wilderness. I'm very sorry to report that Lee passed away on April 19th, 2018. Lee had an enduring sense of humor and an intense curiosity and appreciation of the natural world. I will always remember him on my future adventures.

Joe's favorite postage stamp
Joe liked stamps, we often exchanged them in our letters. He was always a big Bugs Bunny fan, so he was thrilled when this stamp was issued in 1997. He sent me several of them, and often included them on his correspondence to me. I think he had a lifetime's supply.

Click to hear Joe's favorite quote:

Last Updated: October, 2023