Brown Bluff, Antarctica

Day 13: January 25th

"We went ashore in the mid-afternoon, our first landing on the Antarctic continent proper! It's a narrow beach, backed by scree slopes, and above them a high brownish colored cliff... There were a lot of icebergs around, and I took some photos of Crabeater seals on one...

There was a huge Adélie penguin rookery where we landed. It was crowded, raucus, and smelly, covered in a pink krill ooze like we saw at Paulet Island. We walked down the beach to the end of the Adélie rookery where there was a Gentoo rookery. In comparison, this was orderly, neat, and peaceful. The Gentoos lay their eggs and raise their chicks on mounds of pebbles that they build. These mounds are 6 to 10 feet in diameter, and multiple chicks occupy them."