At Sea, enroute to South Georgia

Days 5 & 6: January 17th & 18th

January 17th: "We've been sailing all day with no site of land. Most of the day has been beautiful, with sunshine and little wind.
It started clouding up in the afternoon, and it's now totally overcast.
We saw our 1st icebergs today! We've occasionally passed them all day.
Some people on the bow saw a Weddell Seal, the 1st one we've seen.
There are fewer birds around today, and the water is a beautiful deep blue color.
I can't identify all the birds we've seen, but I can list what people say they are:
  1. Wandering Albatross
  2. Black-browed Albatross
  3. Grey-headed Albatross
  4. Giant Petrel
  5. White-chinned Petrel
  6. Great Shearwater
  7. Soft-plumed Petrel
  8. Prion
  9. Wilson's Storm Petrel
  10. White-bellied Storm Petrel
  11. Magellanic Penguin"