Argentine Islands

Day 16: January 28th

The Vernadsky Base, located on Marina Point, Galindez Island, was formerly British and called the Faraday Station. It is a luxurious place (by Antarctica standards), with three huge diesel generators, year-round electricity, and a sauna. Supposedly the ozone hole in the atmosphere was discovered here. It is now owned by the Ukraine. It is renowned for having the best bar in Anarctica, built by it's former British occupants. Now occupied by the Ukranians, we were greeted with homemade vodka, which was drunk straight.

Our day at the Argentine Islands, our last in Antarctica, was also one of the only sunny days of the entire trip. I [saw] some Antarctic limpets here in the tidepools.

Upon leaving the Argentine Islands we headed across Drake's Passage, toward Cape Horn. Here we encountered the roughest seas of the entire trip.