Photo Of The Week

May 24, 2023

This is a featured photo of the week. I will try and update this weekly with a favorite photo.

  • Common Name: Pheasant-tailed Jacana
  • Scientific Name: Hydrophasianus chirurgus
  • Date Taken: April 2023
  • Location: Non Han, Udon Thani, Thailand.
  • Photographer: Howard Cunningham
  • A resident breeder in S.E. Asia, India, and
    Indonesia. Some in China will migrate long
    distances. A member of the Jacanidae family,
    they have elongated toes and nails which enables
    them to walk on floating vegetation. They are
    found on lakes with abundant floating vegetation,
    where they feed on insects, molluscs, and other
    small invertebrates. Females are usually larger
    than males. They nest on floating vegetation,
    and have differing breeding and non-breeding
    plumage. The birds shown here are in their
    breeding plumage.

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