Photo Of The Week

This is a featured photo of the week. I will update this weekly with a favorite photo.

  • Common Name: Rivoli's Hummingbird
  • Scientific Name: Eugenes fulgens
  • Date Taken: August 2018
  • Location: Green Valley, Arizona.
  • Photographer: Jan Fletcher
  • Formerly known as the Magnificent Hummingbird,
    which was split into two species. The second largest
    hummingbird in the U.S., it is found from the
    southwestern U.S. to Nicaragua. Arizona and New Mexico
    are the northern limits of its breeding range,
    where it is found in forested mountains at medium to
    high elevations. It Prefers dry pine–oak forests.
    Its nests are often constructed high up in trees
    that overhang streams. Its basic life history is
    largely unknown.

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